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Welcome to our Nail Art Design’s own collection of Nail Designs Amazing & Beautiful. Choosing just the right manicure for a casual day dress or date night makeup is as important as the accessories you wear. That’s why it’s important to have tutorials that you can analyze and check. Having several choices for manicures is as important as having options for the perfect makeup for the day of school or the best outfit for prom.

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I have all kinds of nail designs in store for you here! From mermaid tails tart, you’ll surely find a gorgeous design perfect for your fingertips.

16 Top Original Nail Art Designs

1. Easy and Classy Geometrical Space Nails art design:

Negative space nails were all the extreme in 2018 and it looks like the trend will continue into this year as well. Although it looks complicated to do, it’s actually very easy! You just need a striper, a steady hand, and your creativity to make these geometric nails.

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2. Gorgeous Pastel Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Who says marbling on your nails needs to have water and a mess of nail colors? This pastel marble nail art doesn’t need water. You only need your favorite pastel shades and a plastic wrapper to create this awesome design. There’s also minimum mess with this marbling nail technique.

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3. Colorful back to school Crayon Nail Art Tutorial You can do With Your Kids:

Having crayons was a huge part of my childhood and I’m sure it currently is with your little ones as well. Make their first day back in school much more special with this cute nail art design! Pick out your favorite colors and create these crayon art masterpieces on your daughter’s nails; she’ll definitely love you even more for it!

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4. Elegant Geometric Glam Nail Art Tutorial:

Whether it’s your first date or an anniversary dinner, these geometric glam nails are just the perfect accessories to make you look and feel beautiful. You also don’t need special equipment to create this design as well. Just use tape to make the lines clean and even for a cool geometric nail look.

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5. Easy Tim Burton Inspired Nail Design

Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with your nail art! One of my favorite people this season is definitely the eccentric Tim Burton. This Nightmare Before Christmas design may need a bit more creative juices but it’s worth it

nail art

6. Classic Autumn Nails Tutorial

Our team brings crisp and elegant colors with it, thanks to those beautiful falling leaves. This design from my nail art collection reflects those wonderful colors with a touch of gold to make it more elegant. To give it that artistic touch, I used thin striping tapes placed in strategic positions – learn how to create your own autumnal brush stroke nails here!

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7. Party-Ready Metallic Nails

When it comes to parties, I always think of metallic accessories. It’s only natural then, that these metallic nails should also make an appearance in at least one winter party. There are a lot of ways that you can create beautiful silver nails. One way is to use chrome powder, which is the best way. However, there are a lot of metallic and chrome nail polishes in the market now if you want to explore your options.

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8. Gold Nails With Mint Accent Tutorial

Here’s another nail art that’s perfect for any party! It’s simple, too. Just paint your nails with your favorite gold polish and add a mint French tip. You’ll be ready for any party with these gorgeous nails!

nail art

9. Easy & Pretty Snowflake Nails Tutorial

Christmas may come and gone but the beauty of snowflakes will always stay with us. Each snowflake is unique so you won’t need completely identical nails. Paint your snowflake on a red French tip and you’ll get a whimsical manicure perfect for the Holidays!

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10. Pineapple Express Fruit Nail Art Tutorial

Make summer fun and exciting with pineapples dancing on your nails. You just need a white base, yellow, brown and yellow-green nail polishes, and of course, a stripper to create this fun piece.

nail art

11. Egyptian Nail Art Perfect For You

If you’re going on a date tonight, then this classy Egyptian-inspired design from my nail art collection is perfect for you. Create this amazing gold and a black masterpiece by using thin striping tapes. I’m sure this will compliment your little black dress.

nail art

12. Stentorian Nail Art

I have always wanted to visit Stentorian in Greece. Someday I’ll be able to go, but for now, I’ll turn to nail art for some Greek vibe. This nail art makes use of three color block patterns and some striping tape. You will need white, light blue and royal blue shades. Paint your nails a silver base coat to add a metallic accent.

nail art

13. DIE Mermaid Nail Art Tutorial

The Ocean has ever been fascinating and mermaids have long been enchanting mythical creatures. With the help of a scale stencil, you can get your very own mermaid nails as well. To make it even more intriguing, dab your nails with a sponge with black, blue and mint polishes and add some nail gems.

nail art

14. Easy Black and gold Nail Art

If you don’t like using tapes and other nail art tools for glamorous nails, you should give this design a try. All you need to do is paint your nails a matte black base, then add a triangle of gold glitter. The base should start from your cuticle.

Nail art

15. Glamorous Nail Art

I’ve already shared a snowflake design to you; now try painting a Christmas tree on your nails! It’s not really that hard. Just coat the nail on your ring finger a yellow-green base color. Using a stripper, make a zigzag near your cuticle down to the middle of your nail to represent the outline of your tree. To top it off, add a gold star nail gem on the topmost portion of the tree and some gold studs on the outer edges of the tree. See the full tutorial here.

Nail Art

16. Watermelon Nail Art Designs

Make summer even more fun with this mouth-watering watermelon nail art! And the most fun part? You don’t have to break a sweat for this design. You will need to create an ombre effect using some red, white and green nail polish then paint on three black oblongs near the cuticle to create a watermelon slice on your nails.

Nail Art

Will you be trying out at least one of the designs on your nails? I’m sure there are other nail designs ideas that I haven’t tried but I’ll definitely share more with you in the future. Let’s Know which designs you’d like me to try out in the comments in comment box.

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