30+ best creative Nail Designs 2018 – Latest Nails Ideas and Nails art

There some nail designs for your nails? To be on the trend, look at our nail design list of 100+ most beautifully beautiful designs created by talented nail artists. No Problem, we capped you. Chic and fun nail design is not just described for long or short nail designs, we sure it! We have found the best nail design for each taste. A title glow is really in need that you differently need to slow down the slow manicure or pick your nail art to the next level.

1. Glitter Nail Designs:

Gold glow nail designs and most of the new tips make a French metal shine nails. You can do this with just any color only to assure that you want to see the gold glitter nail design, then the end of the nail design.

nail designs

2. Small Stars nail designs:

Paint the nails with purple color

Use a picture to draw Golden Color Stars and make beautiful nail design.

nail designs

3. Black & White Nail Designs:

Simple border nail designs never get wrong. Border nails will look amazing with any color of the ring. They look beautiful in black and white, black cats.

nail designs

4. Metallic Reverse French Nail designs:

The latest Design on the classic French nail design, these are beautiful metallic nail designs puts the adverse secondary color at the start of your nail design rather of the tip. This is the best part only takes three steps to complete.

nail designs

5. Dotted Nail Designs

If you are ready to take nail designs on difficult Nail art, this design is easy to make an exciting without all of the work. How can you make this nail design, you need to following things.

  • Golden Shiner
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Golden Polish
  • Nail Art Brush

nail designs

 6.Different Colors Nail Design

  • Paint your fingers with brown nail polish.
  • Apply the brown shiner on the fingers.
  • Secure a transparent sticker on your fingers.

nail designs

7. Summer hot nail designs

  • Paint your nails, Sea Green, and shiner.
  • Apply green nail polish to the set of your nail design.
  • Use a paintbrush to draw the green design.

nail designs

8. Flowers Blue nail design

  • Paint your foot nails with blue color.
  • Use a fine art brush to draw white flowers.
  • Apply the white nail polish on top to create the flowers.

nail designs

9. Sassy nail star design

  • Paint on a white coat.
  • Use a fine art brush to add waves.
  • Outline waves with the white color polish.

nail designs

10. Fire nail design

  • Paint your nails by using the different colors which are used in the image you can make your Nail Designs beautiful by adopting the tips that are given.
  • Use a fine art brush to paint brown color on nails

nail designs

11. Patriotic nail designs Sparkle

  • Apply a coat of white nail polish on all fingers.
  • Past the red color polish on the index finger.
  • Apply the coat of blue nail polish on other fingers.
  • Make a beautiful flag by using the red nail polish horizontal lines.

nail designs

12.Stars nail design

  • Paint all nail with the black nail polish.
  • Draw the stars or different nail design on the fingers by using the brown shiner.
  • Give a final coat of transparent polish.

nail designs

13. Ice Cream sandwich nail designs

There is a beautiful nail design is available during eating the ice cream. You can use this kind of Nails Designs on the different parties or a birthday parties.

nail designs

14. Subtle nail design

  • Paint nails with an ivory lacquer.
  • Make a layer of pink nail with the fine art brush.

nail designs

15. Colorful nail design

Paint the nails with the white color polish and make the beautiful waves by using the different colors of pink, blue and orange. You can use this kind of nail designs on the different wedding function or birthday parties and other.

nail designs16. Gingham Nail Designs

Artist, Nail art Designers like these nail designs and they make easy around the other Nail designs.

nail designs

17. Black Snowflake Nail Designs

In the Cold Winter season can’t pass with beautiful and amazing snowflake nail design. Make your nails warmer and dangerous, you should give black color in the base and give silver color shine. Enjoy the winter days with your funny and warmer nail designs.

nail designs

18. Red and Gold Color Nail Design

Dark red color is the beautiful color using this is the most wanted color in the different countries. This nail design is the combination of gold studs and Dark Red Nail Polish. The procedure is, first of all, Give a base color red to your nails and then apply the gold studs on the bottom of the nails by using the gum.

nail designs


This is a beautiful and lovely Nail Art Design you can make this cherry blossom Nails Designs on your nails.

nail designs


It’s time to bring change your nails you can use the sparkly nails with creative color silver and the blue color combination is very beautiful and amazing.

nail designs

21. Black and Gold Dotted Nail Designs

These black and gold dotted nails are fun and amazing! Perfect for holidays, Parties or New Year’s Eve. Golden doted nail designs can be created perfectly by using the image tips.

nail designs

22. Orange artificial Flower Nail Designs

Keep and cover your nails and increase to life with this cute nail design in orange color with white and orange and green flowers.

nail designs

23. Pink Short Nail Designs

This is a beautiful pink color nail designs for your nails it is a perfect nail design. You can use this design in summer this is easy to make.

nail designs


Are you the lover of puzzles? If yes, then you need to try this amazing and interesting design. You will make this design easy except all nail design.

nail designs

25. Brown Jeweled nail designs

This is a beautiful nail design make this nails designs on your nail for look cute, different and amazing you can make this style of nail design easily this is the latest design of the nails.

nail designs

26. Silver and Black Jeweled nail designs

This combination of Silver, Black and silver jewelry looks really beautiful. With the help of gum, your nails look beautiful like just you come from a saloon.

nail designs

27. Blue Glitter Water full Nail Designs

This nail design looks like water fully nails this is an amazing and 3D nail design you can apply this kind of nail design on the wedding parties or visit the sea. This is a most lovely nail design you don’t forget this design on your nails.

nail designs


This is a simple white nail design.

nail designs

29. Black Check Nail designs

It is a high combination of black nail polish with the silver designs.

nail designs

30. White And Black Nail Designs

This is the lovely black and white nail design, it is easy to make on your nails. You can also use this nail design on the parties or other function.

nail designs


Do you not find the best and latest Nails Designs and that how to give a beautiful design to your nails, get beautiful nails art ideas. We provide all related information to you that how to apply nail polish to your nails and how much more nails designs or different ideas for your nails. Keep visiting our blog 10Newfashion.com & get different updates about the fashion.

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